It upsets me when I read about other people and their lovely grandparents. Mine are awful living beings. They only care about money. It’s not like they took all the rents of a shop my parents had. It’s not like they took part of the money when they sold my parents’ shop, a shop that now values way more than at the time. An amount of money and God only knows how much that is cause they would not say. And yet! They keep expecting money from my parents and shit talk to my aunties and uncle about our family. They wanted MY money when I was working when they never gave me shit and never will other than shit talk. I feel robbed. I feel robbed because I do not know what relationships with my other relatives are like. I feel nostalgic to feelings I never had but only read about. When at work I see people having a really close relationship with their aunties or uncles, it always seems wrong to me. 


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