Does one stop being happy when he stops trying? 

They try so hard to laugh and be happy, to seem happy. She tells him something funny and he replies something wicked. She smiles and bears his glance. This exchange of unrelevant sounds fills in the spaces and the time between them. Does it consolidate their union? Does it bring these two souls together? At the end of the night she goes back to her empty house. In the lobby of the building, she opens the front door of her apartment only to find a solid darkness. Is it the void she has  within? She reaches her bedroom and throws her keys and bag to a nearby armchair, she takes her clothes off leaving them on the floor as she walks to the bed. It’s dark. The light has yet to be turned on. Laying on the bed, she stares at the ceiling and lets the silence surround her. Not one sound comes from her, not one sound could reach her now. What are the images she lives in her head? What are the thoughts, the demons that consume her being? She feels exhausted but it’s not her body that needs rest.


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