Nothing new

I had made up a game with my friend. It struck me I didn’t know much about him, his family, his life in general so we made this game. We ask each other a question everyday and then we say something about ourself. Pretty nice huh. I believe we all have something we want to talk about but no one ever asks us and it slowly drowns in us sunken in the past. 

The first question he asks me <are you virgin?>. I don’t know why people care about my sexual activities so much. I see it everyday in my customers’ eyes. Words ready to pour from them like desperate tears. When I meet someone it never crosses my mind wether said person is virgin or a sex animal. Not saying I’m innocent, I’ve lusted plenty of times for someone. I’ve made sex to them countless times in my head. It’s not the same tho. 

At work this afternoon. Customer is done eating, I move to collect the empty plates. My knee brushes his leg involuntarily under the table. I still wonder how goddamn close was I. He looks first at his leg and then stares at me. <I’d bang her> declares he loudly to his friends finally, when I’m still right next to him. <that’s quite a coincidence, for I’d fuck myself gladly too. Actually I finger myself quite consistently, lucky me.> I think. Later, after he has paid he stares me some more, even after we’re done talking and he should move the fuck out this place. He stares to the point it becomes awkward, so I walk away. 


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