I like to talk to myself sometimes – a motivational speech to self.

To the me in the future,

It’s the me in the past, honestly it’s going to be just a bunch of hours. I’m a creep for doing this. Lol

I know it has been hard, you’ve run and swore inside your head as many times as the sun has risen above our heads and the ones of the people before. No matter what happens to you, your family and friends there’s still going to be another day. You’ve waited this day with fear for days and now it has come and gone by. It’s a rough time and there seems to be no salvation, no realief and inner peace. Let me tell you: you’re right! There’s nothing in this world if your own presence and as you long as you breath you get to move forward, day by day, strain after strain. You get to fight your own inner war, wether it is to yourself or to the world. Even if the world doesn’t give two fucks about you. You could die right now in this moment and the world wouldn’t even be reliefed or slightly concerned because it didn’t know about your lame self to begin with. So, wether it has all gone to shit or it has been fine, the time has passed either way. You get to wait your tomorrow again and hope again, cause that’s what our miserable life is all about: hoping and praying and being disappointed.

Don’t fear no more, accept what comes and move accordingly!


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