It’s not unusual to stare at my brother and wonder why he acts like this or why he doesn’t want to do shit. All these thoughts only lead me to one of my many selves. The part of me who wants to be independent and have a successful work career. I have ideas and they may or may not be innovative but what if? What if I was in charge and could choose what to change and how to make things work. Maybe I’m just one of those workers who think they know better cause they’re ignorant in the things that matter the most, without knowing it, of course.  One of those people who are ambitious, sure. So ambitious they lose their mind and common sense. They end up leaving their job and chasing their dream, thinking it was simple or better not thinking if it has been that easy for them to figure it out, how come no one else came out to this idea before? So they open their business and end up in bankrupt few months later. I have seen it happen a lot of times before. Maybe I’m just one of those naive poor fucks.