Here, another post about books.

Why are books synonymous of nerds/geeks or whatever? Just because we’re obliged to study with them at school? That’s the only reason I can find. Movies, nowadays, are mostly based on books. Reading equals watching a scene, but so much better. There are no faces, no places, no objects nor sound. It’s just you with your imagination and feelings. How can one not feel dazed from all this magic? It is magical to me.

I cannot help but be happy when the sequel of a book I had read and loved comes out and I cannot do anything with this excitement which leaves me breathless and anxious inside. I want to scream and run with my hands on the air, let everybody know that something awesome is going to come. And yet, I have no one to listen to it, no one who would actually care about it and that’s because reading books is not something which would interest most of the people, such as my friends.

Reading has become such an important part of me. My lovely hobby, something I so desperately want to share but I’m too greedy to let others know about.

Here I am, waiting for the 19th November, the day Dream Thieves will come out in Italian.


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